Loving your job encompasses a lot.  You enjoy your colleagues.  You enjoy the everyday tasks.  You work with and conquer the challenges that come about.   But how many can easily say they love the physical building of their workplace? As I took a potential client around the hotel the other day, the tulips were in bloom all around our backyard garden and gazebo.   I literally stopped in mid walk, mesmerized by the beauty of spring and the brilliant colors of these gorgeous flowers.   After the appointment, I walked around the back yard - allowing the beauty to re-energize me for the day.   I then took a few pictures of the backyard and sent to my Bride who will get married the following week surrounded by the glorious spring blooms.   Her response:  Oh. My. Gosh! I could sense and even hear her excitement and that made me even more excited for her. It truly is a wonderful blessing to come to work everyday to a beautiful place.   When there are tough days, I simply take a walk in our backyard and get re-energized from the beauty.   So from the Shoreham to you - Happy Springtime!   A time when new life comes about and the start of when we make Dreams Come True for so many of our couples! (PS:  All photos beautifully captured by Eli Turner.)

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