Emmy Scaterfield designer of UK based accessory brand, Emmy London just celebrated her 10-year wedding anniversary with the love of her life Richard Higgins.  We love looking at Emmy and Richard's photos, taken by photographer Lucy Tanner, from their wedding 10 years ago!  Emmy shared a little about how they met and details from their wedding:  

We met through a friend I met in Milan. Dickie asked on a date whilst I was at work, it was quicker to say yes than no. I really didn't think he was my type at all but he made me laugh so I thought it would be a fun evening as friends. We were completely inseparable from that night onwards and my life was never really the same, he still makes me laugh most days!
I knew I was into a winner when he booked a mini break to the Maldives as our second date. He def knew early on I was the one, I took a little more convincing.
Our wedding was in the depths of Devon in the midst of winter, hence the deep snow. My approach to wedding planning was very much geared to a huge party. The rambling house (Buckland House) is a holiday let that just so happens to have a little church in the garden. We rented it for a whole week so we had lots of freedom and party's all night! Me being me paid a lot of attention to detail, family and friends were roped in to lend a hand with flowers, food and preparing for the big day. Both my brothers are chefs and treated us to amazing food all week. It was a very relaxed, but classically traditional day with a hint of Gosford Park, my fav film.--EMMY

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